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    1. Wenzhou Kangning Hospital Group
      Wenzhou Kangning Hospital , founded in 1997, is the only non-public Class III Grade A (top class) Specialized Psychiatric Hospital in China. As a Key National Clinical Specialty (Psychiatry) Hospital, it is also affiliated with Wenzhou Medical University. Wenzhou Kangning Hospital Co., Ltd, originated from Wenzhou Kangning Hospital, has expanded from the city of Wenzhou to nationwide. On November 20th, 2015, Kangning Hospital was listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange Main Board, thus becoming the first public hospital company in China specialized in psychiatry.
      1997 Y
      Founding of Kangning
      Hospital Beds?
      Charity Foundations
      News Center
      Research and Education
      Academician Workstation
      International Collaborations
      Overview of Specialties and Sub-Specialties
      Continuing Medical Education
      School of Mental Health
      Base for Clinical Training
      Center for Clinical Research